13 Technology Mistakes Common in Small Businesses

  • By Greg Powers
  • July 4, 2022

Our Cloud technology and process automation work give us an inside look at the technology used by dozens of small law firms. A few firms are taking maximum advantage of the possibilities that technology provides, but most small firms fall short in over half of these areas:


  1. Continuing to run highly repetitive, manual processes (like inventory tracking)…instead of automating them
  2. Limited document automation
  3. Under-utilizing training options
  4. Failure to implement a knowledge database
  5. Limited control or knowledge of your staff’s app and web usag


  1. Lack of engagement devices on website
  2. Failure to automate lead nurturing
  3. No marketing ROI calculator


  1. Storing unencrypted client data on a portable device
  2.  Opening attachments from unknown senders
  3. Insufficient backup strategies
  4. Continuing to use on-site servers
  5. No disaster recovery plan

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