Hub365it is launching a new support for elderly homeowners!

  • By Thomas Wilson
  • June 7, 2024

We are adding a new service tailored to support and enable the generation which didn’t grow up with laptops, PC’s or any other technology. However, in today’s world it becomes a necessity to be connected. We know that senior homeowners are technology users since they need dependable and effective ways to stay in touch with their family friends and interact with the outside world.

All of this helps to maintain a high quality of life and to stay connected.

For this group we build a new remote support concept. More details can be found on our website. Here a snapshot of the offer.


Remote support – we monitor their system remotely from $75/month (or $2.5 per day)


Remote and call in support. We monitor their system remotely plus a dedicated service phone number from $100/month (or $3.33 per day)


Remote and call in support plus a monthly visit from $150/month (or $5 per day).

Please contact us on

for more information!!