IT Strategies for Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • By Greg Powers
  • September 13, 2022

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to supply your goods to the world. Before globalization, distributors could easily get by with paper tracking and elbow grease. But times have changed, and globalization efforts mean more clients, more materials, and lots more paperwork. A strong will and determination simply aren’t enough to get ahead in the distribution world these days. Supply chain management solutions rely on IT strategies and digital applications. No matter how big your distribution company is or what and who you supply, digitizing your business is the key to getting ahead in the market.

Increased Productivity

Digitization options have proven time and time again to help increase any business’s productivity. The amount of time you save by going digital is well worth the extra cost it takes to get there. Instead of having to sift through hundreds of folders and papers to find the correct file, you can quickly search for it and find it in a matter of seconds. Even if you keep your paper records well organized, you still have to spend time organizing them in the first place. With digital methods, however, every document you upload is instantly put where it should be, so you can find it right when you need it.

Compatibility with Clients

The whole world seems to be going digital these days, and if you’re still tracking orders and materials on paper, you’re missing out. Clients these days don’t want paper receipts or bills in the mail. They expect emails and online portals where they can track their shipments, keep an eye on supply levels, and pay their invoices as soon as they’re available. When you digitize your company, you keep up with your clients, helping you stay in communication while providing the best service possible.

Reduced Costs

The amount of manual effort it takes to keep a business running on paperwork is astronomical compared to digital solutions. By taking a digital approach, you can save your business from the additional costs of paying someone to file and organize your paperwork. Automation efforts allow you to track orders and keep your supplies in stock without the extra costs. It also helps prevent human error, reducing the chance of extra expenditures from a wrong order or miscounted inventory. While the initial cost to switch to digital solutions can be pricey, it’s well worth it for the money you’ll save down the line.

Reports and Performance Monitoring

When you take your distribution company digital, you aren’t just putting your information into the computer. You’re also opening yourself up to a wide variety of IT solutions that can help you run a better business. By making your information digital, you can use and create applications that will automate practices and monitor performance. For example, you can run a report that shows you, in seconds, which materials you sold the most this year. Alternatively, you can see where all your clients are by location to help you understand where your services work best and how to focus your marketing department on finding more clients. With IT strategies for supply chain management solutions, you can find dozens of ways to improve your company.


Quicker Sales

Before digital services, processing an order could take days. In the modern world, however, clients expect their orders to process, ship and arrive in a much tighter time period. If you’re still using old-school methods, you’ll either have to pay extra for your workers to get the order done on overtime hours, or you’ll risk losing a client by not getting their order out in a timely manner. But by digitizing your company, you can speed the process along, getting your materials to the market as soon as possible, and helping you make more sales.

Innovation Opportunities

When you digitize, you open your company to a world of innovation. There are applications available that can handle all sorts of work and people available to hire that can create ones that don’t exist. By going digital, you put yourself directly in the center of the world’s most innovative business. You get access to all the new solutions and technologies being created daily. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on the next great invention that can help boost your company.


A lot can go wrong with paper, including theft and fires. When you only rely on paper to help organize your business, you could lose important information without any hope of reclaiming it. With digital solutions, however, you have additional security options that keep your data and your business safe. Security applications and software help prevent hackers and other digital threats from accessing your files. And if something were to happen, you can recover data using cloud-based back-ups, saving you the headache and time required to fix such a mistake.

Supply Chain Management Solutions with Hub365

At Hub365, we’re dedicated to helping manufacturers and distributors of any shape and size get their companies digitized for the modern world. No matter where you are in the digitizing process, we can help speed things up and optimize your digital zone for your particular business needs. Our supply chain management solutions help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and get your materials out into the world quickly. If you’re ready to boost your company and see everything the digital world has to offer, give us a call at 949-312-1204 to learn more about our services.