With years of experience working with IT solutions for manufacturing companies, we saw how the emergence of artificial intelligence, digitization, cloud computing, and other intelligent manufacturing technologies would reshape business over the next decade. And several years ago, we started Hub365 to set out on a mission. A mission to bring those competitive technologies to American manufacturing businesses.


Adopting and implementing new technology solutions can be challenging, but our expertise has given us insights into the best paths to take when helping our clients. We’ve found that companies should first pick a manual business process and then build an app to automate it.


Once we successfully automate a manual process, we build data collection and analysis solutions along with dashboards and key performance indicators. These dashboards provide business owners and executives with insights into business operations and processes which are used to make smart decisions and make actionable improvements. These insights help us collaborate with our clients to add new apps and capabilities to drive productivity, quality, and revenue.

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

The most important thing our clients can expect from us is communication. We listen to our clients closely so that we have a full understanding of their unique business goals and how they define and reach success. We also encourage continued feedback as we build solutions together so that we can improve how we work.

Our superior communication and collaborative approach lay the foundation for our dedication to quality service and excellence. We’re committed to maximizing efficiency with exceptional skill, and we’re dedicated to providing our clients with a sustainable business advantage. We do this with continued innovation on the networks and resources we draw from and have strong pride of ownership over the solutions we create.

Ready to Get Started?

How We Work With Our Team

Our team members share Hub365’s values of honesty, integrity, and the utmost professionalism at all times. Our team trusts that they can be open with us, and we encourage personal and professional growth, always striving to push team members outside their comfort zones. Above all, we all share a genuine passion for the work we do, the industry, and the capabilities and competitiveness of American business.

And our team members expect the same high standard from us. We pursue profitable growth and new opportunities whenever possible, and we value the collaboration and efforts our team members provide toward these goals. And we reward results accordingly while supporting our team members by investing in their growth.