Expert Business Team with long track record of success in manufacturing,
networking, and IT. Our passion is to build a more productive workplace
that returns job growth to the USA

Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson

Owner & CEO

Offer 20+ years of experience in IT, Operations, Vendor Management, Networking, Security (Cyber and on-prem) and Technology. In addition, Project Management, Application Management, design, and migration (including Office 365, D365 Business Central Solutions), plus SaaS, Cloud migration (MS Azure, AWS and Google Cloud).

Strategic thinking executive adept at delivering practical solutions using new technology that drives improvements in business performance. Align business strategy with the evolution of technology to achieve a competitive advantage. Collaborative and influentialleadership style which improves the performance of cross organizational teams. Successfully handle rapid change while managing risks,costs, benefits, and timeline. Calm under pressure, analytically sound, and open to different points of view.

Languages – German, English & Italian

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