Digital technologies can revolutionize supply chain management in the distribution sector.

Distributors are leveraging consumer-generated data through online platforms, apps and other analytics tools to increase efficiency significantly. Other digital initiatives can pave the way for better labor and manual process management.

What does all of this mean? To put it succinctly: More growth, better productivity and higher revenue.

Distribution and Digital Transformation

To be successful in manufacturing, you need strong leadership and vision. To embrace digital transformation, you’ll need these same qualities. Embracing digitization is a continuous process that evolves.

It’s a significant shift in the way you do business.

But the advantages of going digital in the distribution sector are well worth the expense. Although each company is unique, and has different requirements for digitizing its operations, in the end, implementing a transition will significantly speed up your business objectives.

The Benefits of
Going Digital in Distribution

Regardless of the technology you use to get there, most new systems are intended to enhance operational
efficiency, supply chain planning, inventory cost management and compliance standards. Below are just a few of
the reasons to leverage the power of digitization for your business.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Digitizing and automating manual procedures helps to minimize expenses while simultaneously optimizing profits. Improved process and inventory management, reduced manpower for operational procedures and improved insight into the supply chain all lead to higher operational efficiency and greater revenue.

Improve Manual Processes and Enhance Operations

Manual processes and operational efficiency are two of the most significant benefits of automation and digitization. Digital transformation enables a distribution organization to do the following:

  • Streamline and automate manual processes, decreasing workloads
  • Avoid excess downtime and overtime
  • Simplify performance monitoring
  • Improve production quality
  • Faster production times and quicker time to market

Increase Innovation

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and ultrafast connectivity make it well worth the effort to upgrade your infrastructure. The more insights you gain from the fundamentals of digital transformation, the better positioned you'll be to place your business far ahead of the competition.

By utilizing Hub365’s Power Apps, you’ll also cut app development costs in half. That means you’ll solve your manufacturing problems with innovative digital tools that cost far less than you think. And more apps means more innovation.

Supercharge Your Workforce

The world is more digital than it's ever been. Digital transformation can lay the groundwork for rapid expansion by opening the doors to a more efficient and effective workforce. And with the appropriate apps and tools, you can attract new-era technology-first workers that understand how to exploit the power of your digital environment.

Ready to Get Started?

Digital Transformation: How US Distributors Retake the Lead

In the early days, paper processes, clear goals and hard work were the norm. And with the right leadership, it paid off. But globalization is changing the way every industry does business. And distribution is no different. These days, you need a razor-sharp edge to compete.

Digital transformation is that edge, and embracing it is how US-based businesses can retake the lead in this global arena.

At Hub365, we specialize in assisting distribution businesses of all shapes and sizes with their digital transformation processes. We have a staff of specialists who understand the specific challenges and requirements of distributors. We’ll collaborate with your organization to create apps and digitize procedures so you can start increasing efficiency, improving productivity and growing profits.

Start Digitizing Your Distribution Business Today With Hub365

Digital transformation can help manufacturers increase productivity and efficiency, while also reducing costs. It can also help them create new business models and enter new markets.

Hub365 has extensive experience helping manufacturers digitize their operations and automate their processes. We can help you achieve your production goals, while also reducing your costs and increasing your competitiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you digitize your business.