From Warehouse to Powerhouse With Digital Apps

The benefits of digital apps in warehousing are hard to ignore. Automation is changing the way warehouses operate from top to bottom. And while digital transformation seems challenging, there are few ways to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce costs at the same magnitude.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that promises to improve the way goods are stored. This will be a major trend in retail warehousing over the next several years. Smaller developments, such as those linked to artificial intelligence and video surveillance systems also have the potential to greatly improve efficiency in the distribution industry.

This all means more growth, better productivity and higher revenue.

Warehousing and Digital Transformation

Success in warehousing takes strong leadership. Digitizing your business does too. It can be an overwhelming process in the beginning, and it takes sound foresight, initiative and a reliable digital partner to do it well.

But the benefits of the transition to a digitized warehousing business is well worth the cost. While every warehouse is different and needs different apps and tools to digitize its operations, in the end, it will significantly raise the bar on what your business is capable of.

The Benefits of Digital Apps
for Your Warehousing Business

Warehousing's digital transformation is a driving force among today's global executives. Warehouses may be
entirely automated, and even those that continue to avoid the term "automation" can benefit from the digital
transformation of warehousing to improve end-to-end transparency and reap its rewards.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Digitizing and automating manual procedures helps to minimize expenditures while also increasing profits. Inventory control, reduced personnel for operational processes, and better knowledge of the supply chain all contribute to increased operational efficiency and increased revenue.

And with the right apps and the right partner, warehouses can nearly double their return on investment.


Improve Manual Processes and Enhance Operations

The biggest benefit of automation and digitization comes in the realm of manual processes and operational efficiency. Power Apps from Hub365 can add over three hours per week on every employee’s productivity. In short, you can turn 10 employees into 11 by automating your processes. Among many other things, digital transformation provides the platform for manufacturing business to:

  • Streamline and automate manual processes, decreasing workloads
  • Avoid excess downtime and overtime
  • Simplify performance monitoring
  • Improve production quality
  • Faster production times and quicker time to market

Increase Innovation

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and ultrafast connectivity make it well worth the effort to upgrade your infrastructure. The more insights you gain from the fundamentals of digital transformation, the better positioned you'll be to place your business far ahead of the competition.

By utilizing Hub365’s Power Apps, you’ll also cut your development time and costs in half. That means you’ll solve your manufacturing problems with innovative digital tools that cost far less than you think. And more apps means more innovation.


Revolutionize Your Workforce

The world’s more digital than ever before. Digital transformation can help prepare your business for rapid scaling, creating more warehousing jobs. And with the right apps and tools, you can attract the new breed of technology-first employees that know how to leverage the power of your digital environment.

Ready to Get Started?

Digital Transformation: How US Warehouses Retake the Lead

Paper methods and operational objectives are likely to have been the initial stage for many firms. It wasn’t that long ago that their hard work and tenacity paid off. But globalization has introduced changing business demands as well as a few downward trends for businesses in the US. As a result, competition is fiercer than it’s ever been before.

Digital transformation is how US-based warehouses can change the tides in a sea of global competition.

At Hub365, we have a staff of specialists that are familiar with the particular problems and requirements of warehousing businesses. We’ll collaborate with your organization to develop apps and automate procedures so you can create a digital foundation to grow your business.

Start Transforming Your Warehouse Business Today With Hub365

Digital transformation is beneficial to manufacturers by increasing productivity and efficiency while also lowering expenses. It can even help your warehouse create new, innovative business models and expand into new markets.

Hub365 has extensive experience helping warehouses digitize their operations and automate their processes. We can help you achieve your production goals, while also reducing your costs and increasing your competitiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you digitize your business.