Save Time and
Money with Video

Many industrial and manufacturing facilities have already invested in security cameras as a way to deter crime and protect employees and assets. But with the advances in video hardware and software and high-speed networks, there are opportunities to do a lot more with video surveillance systems. The integration of video surveillance equipment with other Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices like card readers and motions sensors can provide real-time alerts of potential threats as well as a visual record that can be used for analysis after an event.

How Manufacturers
Leverage Video
Surveillance Systems

Modern video systems aren’t just about video. With software-connected IoT devices, managers and leaders simplify their strategies for safety and security across factories and warehouses. Devices such as sensors, and access doors, all connected to an integrated video solution, businesses gain an edge on more than just security.

Video surveillance systems offer numerous benefits for the manufacturing industry. By improving employee productivity, safety, and compliance; deterring crime; and investigating accidents, video surveillance can help manufacturers improve their operations. And their bottom line.

Boost Employee Productivity

Video surveillance can be used to monitor employee productivity in the manufacturing industry. By tracking employee movements and activities, managers can identify issues and inefficiencies in the production process. They can use this information to make changes that improve process efficiency and overall productivity.

Improve Safety and Compliance

Safety is of paramount importance in the manufacturing industry. Video surveillance can be used to identify and investigate potential safety hazards, as well as monitor compliance with safety procedures and regulations.

Deter Crime

The presence of video surveillance cameras can deter crime, such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing. If a crime does occur, video footage can be used to identify and prosecute the perpetrators.

Investigate Accidents

If an accident or incident occurs in the workplace, video footage can be used to determine what happened and who is responsible. Having this crucial information helps prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

A Complete Picture of Your Manufacturing Processes

Hub365’s video management system can pave the way for creating a technology foundation that helps provide a clear picture of what’s happening on the warehouse or manufacturing floor.

With a single operator, your business can monitor various processes or areas, control an entire system of video cameras and see integrated data and notifications. With this kind of second-by-second feedback, they know exactly what’s happening with business-critical processes and can make better and faster decisions if something goes wrong.

Hub365's Approach to Video

With years of experience working with manufacturers and warehouse businesses, we know how important it is to monitor countless hard-to-reach and dangerous places. Our complete video solutions make it easy to monitor complex processes, ensure worker safety around dangerous equipment and keep everyone at your business accountable.

And we design our to work perfectly in industrial and manufacturing environments where extreme temperatures, excess dust and debris, and poor lighting can render other systems useless.

End to End Video Solutions

Our product portfolio includes reliable camera hardware and software that integrates with existing systems.

Custom Software Development

We don't only do cameras. Our professional expertise includes custom software development that can integrate with our video systems and create a solution tailored to your business.

Experience in the Industry

For more than a decade, Hub365 has helped small and medium-sized manufacturers and warehouses implement leading video solutions to solve myriad business challenges.

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Video Surveillance Systems

In the manufacturing industry, businesses depend on video surveillance systems for a variety of purposes. From monitoring production lines to tracking inventory, video cameras can provide valuable insights that help improve efficiency and profitability.

Some of the most common applications for video surveillance in the manufacturing industry include:

  • Monitoring production processes
  • Tracking inventory levels
  • Identifying process bottlenecks
  • Improving safety and security
  • Reducing theft and vandalism

Video Surveillance Software

To get the most out of your video surveillance system, it’s important to choose the right software. At Hub365, we design our video management software specifically for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Some key features of our video surveillance software include:

  • Remote access for viewing both live and recorded footage from anywhere
  • Scalable approach, with the ability to add more devices as your business grows
  • Easy integration and customization with existing systems
  • Extended customization and development for specific business needs

Video Software as a Service

In addition to our video surveillance software, we also offer Video Software as a Service (VSaaS). VSaaS is a cloud-based video solution that provides all the benefits of a traditional video system without upfront costs or maintenance fees.

With VSaaS, you can:

  • Pay only for the hardware, software, and services you need
  • Save money with reduced upfront costs and maintenance fees
  • Rapid setup and integration, so you can hit the ground running
  • A hands-off, managed approach keeps you focused on business goals, not video technology

Let Hub365 Help With Your Video Solution

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