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Still Using Paper for Business Workflows?

It’s Time to Modernize Your Construction Operations

Relying on manual processes to keep your crew and company running simply won’t cut it anymore

We all know how time consuming it is to run a construction company. From estimating and bidding, to payroll and budgeting, to job-costing, it takes a lot of energy to keep things moving efficiently. Over the years, technology has been developed that streamlines and improves construction productivity, but many contractors have been reluctant to try anything new.

There’s the saying that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and that has rung true in most businesses, including construction.  They have relied on old, but mostly reliable methods of getting work done.  Could they be doing things faster and more efficiently? Absolutely. But many feel it will take more time and effort to use technology, and that the benefits are marginal and hard to measure.

Yet, with modern technology changing how all businesses operate, relying on manual processes or non-integrated software that worked well enough in the past simply won’t cut it anymore.

Construction companies, for example, are becoming far more tech-savvy and digitizing their operations to gain a competitive edge. Those that continue to resist technological change could soon find themselves at a disadvantage, going up against competitors that can work smarter and faster.

This is why the time is now to research and invest in software that will help position your business for success.

Connecting Field Workers to the Office

Of major interest to construction companies is the desire to connect the processes that are centered in the office with what occurs in the field. Those two parts of the business have historically worked within different environments, using paper forms to share information.

Today, technology solutions can integrate a contractor’s financial and resource management to their project operations, job site and the field. The integration across the office, team and field enables contractors to employ technology to effectively manage and have visibility to data and workflows that span the construction life cycle from planning, to product operations and supply chain management, and asset operation and maintenance.  And it happens in real time.

Get Buy-in From Key Stakeholders.

In the case of most businesses, having technology champions within the organization can be instrumental to success.

These technology champions work with different teams to show them the benefits that technology can have and how it can help simplify their lives.  Usually, when end users see how much easier their workloads could be, buy-in not only becomes easier, users get excited and eager to make the move.   Many technology vendors offer demos and case studies for their solutions or test environments for new technologies being developed. Getting involved with these and having end users “try out” features and functionality themselves can be mutually beneficial — helping users better understand the new technologies available and also providing vendors with valuable feedback on how to continue to improve their products.

What’s Next?

Are you ready to move away from paper and digitize your business processes?  We have helped many businesses with existing time-taxing and cumbersome workflows by going digital. Get in contact with our team for a free consultation.

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