The Most Common IT Problems Small Businesses Face

Let’s face it. Not every small business (or large business) has mastered the IT world.

Everyone knows that technology is advancing rapidly, but new IT problems are arising faster than most people are able to implement solutions. HUB365 is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that can help businesses of any size consolidate all IT solutions under one roof. Below are the top ten IT problems for small businesses, all of which can be solved by partnering with a managed service provider.

Expensive Repairs

It’s likely that you don’t have a budget for a $2,00-$5,000 network repair. Networks can have a wide variety of things go wrong, so troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming. When this type of repair is needed, some businesses may go into panic mode.

HUB365’s Managed Services eliminates this possibility. Preventative maintenance is the key.  Keeping maintenance and monitoring current, businesses can rest assured that they will avoid major challenges.

Slow Performance, “Glitches”, and Network Downtime

Small businesses rarely have the time or luxury to stay on top of upgrades. However, without keeping current with them, systems will inevitably slow down, experience glitches, and in extreme conditions — crash!

The preventative maintenance and monitoring done by HUB365 covers this, too. By catching these problems early, upgrades can be implemented so that these problems don’t escalate into expensive repairs.

Delayed Problem Resolution

Did you know that most IT companies charge you for their travel time to get to your office? In addition, if you need them on a night or weekend, add another charge on top of that. Most concerning, though, is that when you need a problem solved, you need it done quickly. Having an IT company on premises is nice, but what is the solution for when you hire outside of the company?

HUB365 does remote monitoring so that we can access your network from our office. Most problems can be repaired remotely.

Multi-line budgeting for IT

Businesses have come to expect the unexpected, but it doesn’t make the cost of unexpected problems any easier. IT emergencies are bound to happen when your IT is divided up among several providers.

This is one of the greatest advantages of having HUB365’s managed services. You can create a single line for your IT budget. Everything is handled through the all-encompassing program.

Data Protection

With all of the data breaches present in today’s world, businesses everywhere are worried about possible attacks on their own information and networks. There is a legitimate fear that a business’s own information will get leaked or that all of its customers’ data will get leaked. Both of these have a significant and negative impact on the company.

HUB365 promises to protect your data. We know that your electronic information is critical to the operation of your business and that customer security is your first priority.


Viruses, Spyware, Malware, and Ransomware

Similar to data breaches, other attacks such as spyware, viruses, and malware can be extremely harmful to your computers. In addition, ransomware attacks will tell you or your employees that you must pay a fee to proceed. All of the above can cause you to lose operational time and money while trying to get the problem fixed. As much as we’d like to believe that all people are good at heart, hackers do not have good intentions.

As part of your managed services program, we will ensure that you do not deal with random pop-ups or spyware. We will also prevent and/or resolve any malicious attacks, such as ransomware or email phishing.


If you are a business owner, you already have way too many things on your plate. It comes with the territory! That being said, IT maintenance and supervision can become lost in the daily hustle and bustle, which can lead to overwhelming problems down the line.

HUB365’s Managed Services give you peace of mind. When we say the program is comprehensive, we mean it. We have you covered.

HUB365 understands the challenges of IT for small businesses. We are truly here to help. Check out our Managed IT Services page to learn more.

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