Time To Replace Computers? Make The Right Choice.


Do your remote workers have the right computers to do their job?  Or are they using their personal machines and hope they can “work it out”?

Up until 6 months ago, workers came into the office and worked from their company-provided computers.  Everything they needed to work efficiently and productively was provided in the office, and it worked.

Then, everything changed…remote work.

For many employees, this is the first time they are working remotely.  More video conferencing.  More browser based apps.  Remote connections to a network.  Employee frustration.  And for many businesses, it’s the first time they have to support a significant remote workforce.

Many employees are using their personal home computers for remote work, which were not purchased with business use in mind.  More often than not, those computers are running older versions of Windows, or better yet, Windows Home edition, which is not optimized for business.  Or maybe they’re using a Mac, which is not compatible with many business applications.

Many of your employees’ personal computers don’t have enough RAM, enough ports, storage or processing power to effectively work in a business environment.  Their computers just don’t have the “horsepower”.  All this leads to inefficient computer performance, lost productivity, and frustration.  This all needs to be consider when replacing computers.  Making sure your employees have the right tools for the job has become a primary consideration for both the employee and the employer.

Most businesses take it upon themselves to purchase computers for their employees.  They go to a local or online retail outlet like Staples or BestBuy.  In many cases, the purchase decision is driven by price, with little consideration for the above mentioned features or how the employee uses the computer.  We have see this happen often, with frustrating, time consuming and costly results.

Let me share one customer’s frustration.  The customer went online to purchase 4 computers for his staff.  They were $630 each, which he thought was a great price.  The machines were installed…and there were issues.  Employees used many browser tabs to run cloud apps and performance was very slow.  Remote access was not stable.  There were challenges connecting and managing networked devices.  When the employees had video conference calls, the video would freeze and the audio would skip.  The issue was very clear when they called our help-desk.  The new machine didn’t have enough RAM to run all the applications.  And they were running Windows 10 HOME.  While Windows Home is great for personal use, it’s not optimized for business.  The computers needed more RAM and Windows 10 Pro.  The result?  Lost productivity, time, and a restocking fee for the return.

So, if you’re thinking buying computers, we suggest working with a Trusted Technology Advisor (TTA) and reseller.

Why buy from a Trusted Technology Advisor like HUB365? 


HUB365 has relationships with most manufacturers.  Manufacturers offer promotions and incentives to TTA’s like HUB365 that they don’t offer to the general public. 


We take the time to understand how the computer used to access the network and the apps used by the end user.  Most businesses don’t have the time or the knowledge to research these details.


The more standardized your IT environment is, the easier it is to manage.  It’s more challenging for help-desk to support and manage an environment with different computers.

Ready To Update Your Computer Hardware?

Call us before you make that purchase.  We will select the right computers for your business needs at a lower price.  Your employees with thank you.

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